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The Arrival [CD ALBUM]

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Author: Sammy
Date added: 08/31/2009, 01:09 PM


# 1 and the promising #10 are the best listens to me so far. I can't express my gratitude for the truth they give and the symbol of black love and unity they reflect. U can't help but follow them for album to album! I 'Surrendered to Love' their first time around. Literally!
Author: Tom Cupit
Date added: 10/21/2008, 10:03 AM


Yo, I like the feel of the new album, it sounds great. If you ever meet them (Kindred) they are the most down to earth people you would ever want to meet, and that is what transcends into their music. I going out after work and go buy the new joint. Holler!
Author: Jcolston
Date added: 10/21/2008, 09:00 AM


I am really inpressed with the quality of the music, especially track9. All you R&B lovers this is more real music for you! Lets all support this project.
Author: Darren Scott Monroe CEO 4DaSoul.com
Date added: 10/21/2008, 03:15 AM


Another great album! 4DaSoul gives it 4 stars!!

You can read our review here!
Author: Aariestheory
Date added: 10/20/2008, 08:23 AM


Omg! I must say I had no idea where they were going to go with the third album. Just from hearing the snippets I'm excited. As soon as I finished I texted all my friends about the coming of some real music! I can't wait until tomorrow to go pick up my copy. I love the retro feel on the second to last track!
Author: redz
Date added: 10/17/2008, 09:31 PM


I'm definitely a Kindred fan but I have to note I'm slightly disappointed. Lyrically its positively real ! but this album has lost some of that real band quality.Still a fan..........
Author: Virgo
Date added: 10/17/2008, 06:47 PM


Off the hook....Can't wait till the album drops!!!!
Author: Capricia
Date added: 10/13/2008, 08:05 AM


You get progressively better with each cd! This has more of a studio sound, nevertheless what a great sound and lyrical content. You guys are the bomb and such a positive role model for us as a people. I will always be an avid fan and pay full dollar for you music.
Author: Stephanie C
Date added: 10/08/2008, 05:51 PM


The song "House of Love" is off the chain I love it!!! I can not wait till the album drops.

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