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Who Is Jill Scott?: Words and Sounds Vol. 1 [DOWNLOAD]

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Author: Tangi
Date added: 04/04/2010, 06:12 PM


Your music,sound,and the words that you use are real.You pour out your heart and soul that's the reason that I enjoy your music can't wait for your new album to drop love you girl.....
Author: KC
Date added: 01/01/2010, 02:17 AM


Instant Classic!!! One of the few artists that sound great in person if not better, she rocked the Northsea Jazz Festival a few years ago.
Author: Mojo Disco
Date added: 11/21/2009, 06:45 PM


The formal introduction of Jilly from Philly. 'Who is Jill Scott?' is the perfect blend of timeless melodies and romantic poetry. An all track listening experience.
Author: Organik Rocka
Date added: 11/19/2009, 01:21 AM


This is easily one of my favorite albums ever, and definitely my most played album ever. I love "Long Walk" and can never get sick of it. This album is a classic, timeless and will still sound great years from now. A truly beautiful woman with a great spirit and voice.
Author: Kelce Coon
Date added: 08/19/2009, 11:18 PM


This album is definitely a record about love. It starts out with a song entitled 'Do You Remember?', almost starting the story of her love with someone. The story continues with a song entitled 'You're Getting in My Way', which is telling about how another woman is getting in the way of Jill's relationship. This almost humorous ballad describes a woman getting ready to fight a woman who wants her man. The album closes out with the song 'Show Me', which gives a gentle request to help remind the man that he's never "done" trying to impress his woman. I reccomend this album to anyone who's in the mood for L-O-V-E.
Author: @
Date added: 02/26/2009, 05:15 AM


this is one of the best albums ever...it's on my forever top ten list
Author: Lolo
Date added: 01/13/2009, 07:57 AM


I remember back when the cuts "Gettin' in the Way" and "Long Walk" were both playing on the radio, and me not paying attention at first that they were both by Jill. I was pleasantly surprised that here's a new artist that has two records out that don't sound the same! I went right away and got the cd. I love most of the songs that you've put out; but mostly that you put a different spin on what we have to say about love, sex, family, and our people. I'm glad to have met you at your poetry book signing and to have seen you in Chi-town twice! I look forward to your next piece of work, and I pray you be blessed with your new family.
Author: Dominique
Date added: 10/14/2008, 05:36 PM


The very first album of hers. After I heard it, I loved and only 8 years later (at the age of 15) am I now REALLY able to appreciate her music. Becuase I can understand what she's talking about and it has certainly opened me up to a new form of art and and state of mind. I love the way she acts and she is one of the only REAL artists out there that dedicates and actually puts her heart and soul into the music.
Author: Social Elevation
Date added: 10/06/2008, 06:30 AM


I absolutely love Jill Scott, I listen to the CD daily it helps me breeze through my work day. She is such a beautiful songstress. My favorite on the CD is Crown Royal. Jill Scott rocks, my girlfriend flew all the way Monte Carlo to see her concert. I wish I could have joined her. She can't stop talking about it. Keep doing what you are doing, your fan for life....
Author: Keisha
Date added: 9/05/2008, 02:07 PM


I love all of Jill Scott's CD's, but this one will always be my absolute favorite! From the funky opening "Jilltro" to the hidden "LoveRainDown" track, this musical interlude is sexy, seductive, rhythmic, expressive, sassy, sultry, poetic, sensual and totally enticing. Not one wasted track, not one note out of place. This CD speaks to my spirit and makes me proud to be a woman with all of the emotions and struggles that we go through just to be heard, understood and, ultimately, loved. Thank you for speaking for me, my sista!

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