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Why Buy Direct?

When you purchase music directly from our online store you are also directly supporting the artists and the philosophy behind Hidden Beach.... to keep good music alive.

Every sale made through this online store helps Hidden Beach and it's artists. When you purchase MP3s at iTunes, Amazon and other 3rd party online retail outlets, they take most of the profits. However, when you purchase music through Hidden Beach's Online Shop, Hidden Beach keeps 100% of the profits made versus only 40%, 50%, or 60% when you purchase elsewhere online. Buying directly from our online store not only helps the artists and their projects, but it helps us continue to bring great music for our consumers and listeners.

We hope you shop directly through our online store and keep the music alive.

Hidden Beach' Online Store also offers the same service as any other online retail outlet.. except we offer MORE:
- 320 Kbps MP3 Downloads
- Exclusive Material Not Available Anywhere else
- Limited Edition Collectors Items
- Liner Notes
- Album Covers
- Much much more...

We look forward to building a relationship directly with our customers and fans so please take this time to try out what we have to offer on our store and feel free to send us an email telling us what you think.

Don't just support a music company... Support a cause and buy your MP3's and albums directly from Hidden Beach's Online Store.

Have fun shopping,

Hidden Beach Recordings